U.S. Army Tells Soldiers to Shape Up or Ship Out

Serving in the military in an active combat zone puts young men in harm’s way.

So it makes sense to do everything possible to make our soldiers more fit in order to lower that death rate. The new Army test was designed to improve soldiers’ fitness … if it doesn’t injure them in the process. In particular, the dead lift is highly questionable because if not done correctly there is a good chance of injury. And the new standard may be so high that it will be hard to recruit soldiers. Even football stars fail to match the army guys. And it seems illogical to hold women to the same standards as men. MAYBE they could be for exercises relative to their size and weight, but not to ones like the dead lift or pulling a heavily-laden sled.

Decline in Qualified Military Enlistee Volumes Puts Further Pressure on Taking Care of Returning Veterans

Tattoos and Ear Gauges

The armed forces have long been a default choice for young adults who aren’t prepared for, or cannot choose, a different occupation. One of the more unusual enlistees, author Tom Robbins, explains his reasoning in his new autobiography, Tibetan Peach Pie: “Why? – one might fairly ask. Well, for precisely the same reason the 90 percent of all enlistees join the military, which is to say, I was at a point in my life when I didn’t know what else to do.” Unfortunately, the number of qualified enlistees continues to decline because so many (71%) of the 34 million 17-24-year-olds in the U.S. don’t meet the basic standards of education, fitness (many are very obese), and absence of visible tattoos, according to The Wall Street Journal. The tattoo requirement is because not only do these youths have to be able to fight but also they have to look good in uniform. This seems like a frivolous requirement when put into the perspective of their fellow soldiers who have been physically injured or mentally traumatized in actual combat. And with the increasing number of injured/traumatized vets not being properly cared for these days, and thus not willing or able to re-enlist, the U.S. military is going to be hard-pressed to defend our country.