The Spirit is Willing but the flesh is weak

The USA has become too dependent on the cheap products it gets from China. In the face of the high volumes of people stricken by CoronaVirus it was not able to supply enough face masks. In particular, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has in the past provided temporary shelters (e.g., trailers) and other products to victims of natural disasters, but the nature of the supplies needed to deal with the CoronaVirus was so different that potential suppliers were unprepared to provide sufficient quantities of appropriate items. To make matters worse, President Trump and 3M were feuding because he used the United States’ Defense Production Act to prevent shipments of US-made face masks to Canada or other countries. Fortunately, Trump and 3M changed their minds, though Canada and other countries might not be happy because they would be getting the less-effective face masks made by 3M whereas Americans would get the more-effective models imported from China.

Sources of Wisdom for Combatting Hearing Loss

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Those men (and women) who have decided to do something about their hearing loss can find it challenging to get accurate and objective information about assisted-hearing devices. The result for many of them is spending a lot of time with trial-and-error to find a usable solution, and that they end up with no usable device. The culprit may well be that the great multitide of different manufacturers and models of hearing aids and personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) is not matched by reliable comparisons of specifications and analysis of plusses and minuses. One would expect that Consumer Reports would be a good source, but although they offer a good general overview,it is difficult/impossible to find how one can actually BUY their reviews. Fortunately there is an authoritative and objective free website that contains a wealth of information that can be helpful before and during their journey. Three of the most helpful “Sections” are Better Hearing Consumer featuring Gael Hannan, Hearing Economics featuring Holly Hosford-Dunn, and Wayne’s World featuring Dr. Wayne Staab.